Running your own business can be an exciting and also daunting challenge. It is about being brave, making the right decisions and taking calculated risks. Over the years I have worked with many small business owners in a range of targeted areas all focused on increasing business value and profitability.

As a small business owner myself I understand the challenges, and the need to have a trusted adviser at your side. My role as an adviser can be focused on a target niche area you need to have addressed today, or can be about being at your side as you completely transform your business.

My experience as the winner of the 2014 No More Practice Business Transformation Sky Business TV Show, has further skilled me to provide you the business advice you need and the innovative ways to deliver far more than just a normal business coach or consultant.

Below are the current business transformation packages that I have developed to make real and lasting change in your business. If you are not yet ready to engage to that level, you are welcome to arrange a 90 minute consultation session that can focus on one key area for $550 (inc of GST). This is a fantastic opportunity particularly if you want to have an expert at your side as you face some immediate business challenges.



Photos from 2014 No More Practice Business Transformation Sky Business Show

Step 1 - Business Transformation Pathway

Starting your business transformation journey is putting a focus on where you are today, uncovering the truth and ensuring you have a culture that is ready for change. This is the pathway to get you started on your business transformation journey. Delivered over 3 days, our business transformation expert and founder Dominique Bergel-Grant will immerse herself into your business. At the heart of this program is ensuring that you as the business owner have your personal and business goals aligned to ensure you can be successful. You will walk away with a clear path and 100 day plan that you can start to implement into your business. During this 100 days you will have access to Dominique to help address any questions you may have. Cost: $9,900

Step 2 - Branding and Marketing Relaunch

This is focused on helping your cut through and punch above your weight. It will start with a review of your current marketing and branding, then move to focusing on creating a voice for your business and finding the best channels for you to reach your clients. Understanding where your clients will come from, efficiently building pipeline and ensuring you are targeted and efficient with your marketing spend. You will also discover new technologies that can help you build a successful marketing campaign. You will walk away with a 12 month marketing and branding calendar. Cost: Initial analysis $5,500 Whether it is a new website, building a social media strategy, understanding public relations or a complete brand relaunch we are also able to implement this changes for you. Cost: Project Fee will be quoted

Step 3 - Bullet Proofing Your Business

To build a successful business you need to ensure that you are creating a business of value, one where risks are understood, identified and managed. You also need to ensure that you are building a profitable business not just for today, but for the future as well. It is also important that you have a long term strategy in place for the sale of your business. Although this could be years or even decades away being in a position to pitch your business at any time, will ensure you are always looking to transform and innovate and be ahead of the pack. This is a two day program that will deliver a business succession plan model and full risk analysis for you to measure and track your business to. Cost: $5,500

Step 4 - Putting it All Into Action

Ongoing it is vital that your business is about to deploy and transform. Transformation is not something that occurs once and never gets revisited. It is vital that as a business owner you implement, review and measure. Importantly it is about ensuring you are being efficient, profitable and innovative. This also gives you ongoing access to business advice and our business concierge services which includes accounting, human resources solutions, compliance and ensuring you are always amongst the first to hear of innovation that can put your business ahead of the pack. Cost: $2,200 per month