Buying your first property can be daunting. A combination of increasing house prices and lenders demanding bigger deposits, it can almost seem impossible to get onto the property ladder. Having an expert by your side as you set yourself up for success is critical.

Dominique has pulled together her 17 years of knowledge and developed a fourteen part course to get you ready. This course is ideal if you are still more than 6 months away from purchasing.


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Whether you are looking to just get a better deal or restructure your current loans. Dominique will be able to assist. While you can also have the confidence that she will bring more experience and depth of knowledge than just a mortgage broker would bring. Dominique is an award winning mortgage professional who you can trust to ensure your loan structure will suit your needs.

The team that supports Dominique will make this whole process simple and streamlined for you.

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One of the most challenging decisions many face. Having the right guidance and advice through this process is critical.

  • Do you keep your current property as an investment?

  • How much can you afford to spend on the new property?

  • Do you buy the future home today, and stay where you are to enjoy tax benefits?

  • Renovate or sell?

These are just some of the questions you have to ask when making the decision to upsize your home. Knowing you have a financial expert at your side is critical.

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When you get a mortgage it is critical to also have an exit strategy. Just making minimum payments for the next 30 years will never lead to financial success. A 90 minute debt management session with Dominique will cover the following topics for a set fee of $550.

  • Throwing out the budget and setting up a spending plan

  • Running your household like a business

  • Financial strategies to consider to build wealth outside of your home

  • How to use your equity to get ahead

  • Key practical tips to pay off your mortgage quicker

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Buying an investment property for most people is a key strategy in building wealth for the future. However there are lots of moving parts and it is critical to bulletproof your financial decisions. You don’t want to be left short when rates rise!

Over the years Dominique has assisted hundreds of investors make the right steps on the property ladder. She will provide you open and honest feedback on your plans and will ensure you have a clear strategy and the right debt structures.

Most importantly this is where Dominique’s broad financial knowledge is going to be that vital toolkit to ensure your success.

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Buying a property through super is becoming more and more common and for good reason. The structures can be complex and knowing you have a qualified financial planner at your side, not just a mortgage broker, is going to set you up for success.

You will also be able to engage Dominique to assist you with the required Financial Planning obligations many of the lenders demand before you can get your new loan funded.

Critically, Dominique knows the rules and the strategies around self managed superannuation and the borrowing rules, so you know you will have a trusted source of information.

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