Advice For Today

If you are on this page, you have already made the decision that building a plan for your future is important or you have a critical need for advice that needs to be dealt with today. Our philosophy is that advice should be delivered to you in practical way that suits your timing and direct needs. So what are your options?

  • Short term advice focused on life’s pinch points.
    • We have a range of specific one off advice issues we can provide advice for a set fee.
    • There are a range of courses that have been designed to step you through key financial decisions
  • You are in the drivers seat
    • For some clients they want to sit in the driver’s seat as they drive towards their goals and having Dominique by their side providing the handbook and guidance at critical life decision points. This guidance and strategic advice is key to success.
  • You sit in the passenger seat
    • Availability of time is often key a challenge to being financial successful. Knowing that you have a trusted adviser at your side to ensure your investments and strategy remains up to date provides peace of mind. You still are involved in decisions, however put trust in the advice being provided and know that implementation of your plans is handled.


LIFE's Pinch Points

One off advice and guidance

We have a range of one-off advice and education sessions available with Dominique. Each of these meetings is recorded so that you have a reference to go back to. Some of these are one-off sessions, while others include a extra time and benefits.


Our Most Popular Sessions:

Prices is $660 for each 90 minute session

We also have a range of other pinch point sessions, please contact us to confirm pricing and package information:

  • Finance 101
  • Money and Relationships
  • Throw Out the Budget and Build a Spending Plan
  • General Q&A Session
  • Couples the conversation you need to have
  • Starting a Small Business What You need to Know
  • What you need to know to financially succeed in your 20’s / 30’s / 40’s / and 50’s
  • How Much is Enough Retirement
  • Busting Myths of SMSF

You Are In the Drivers Seat

Work to develop goals and ongoing strategic guidance

Working with Dominique, you will build your personal goals with a clear focus on what your ideal lifestyle picture will look like. You will then work together in building out a strategy for the next 5 years that you can follow and implement.


If you get stuck along the way Dominique and her team will be available to assist and help nudge you in the right direction.


Importantly all the way along you remain in the driver’s seat.

Engagement Process


The initial engagement fee is set is $3,275 for individuals and $4,495 for couples this covers the cost of all six steps. However, before you get started, you will have an initial phone call with Dominique to ensure there is value for you in proceeding forward. To book in click here.

Step 1 – Get Your Money Right

After years of helping clients leap ahead financially, the one thing all clients need as a starting point is to have a clear understanding of their spending. This is about more than putting together a budget, this is about identifying habits, benchmarking your spending and getting honest feedback.

This is why the first step for any engagement with Dominique and the team getting a membership to our money tracking system. We will help with the setup, and then be able to start real conversations about your day to day money decisions.

Step 2 – Identifying Your Lifestyle Priorities and Financial Goals

Because we understand LIFE is about more than money, we invest time in understanding what is important to you. Dominique will work with you, using unique tools, to help create goals specific to you. Whether it is education for children, taking the next step on the property ladder, being able to afford that dream family holiday, retiring in comfort or anything else you dream.

Step 3 – Understanding Your Investment Personality

Risk means different things to everyone. Dominique has developed a unique tool to help explore your past financial decisions and assess what level of financial risk is suitable for your future based on your own individual Investment Personality.

Key important factual information will also be collected including details on income, assets and liabilities

Step 4 – Your Balance Sheet

Dominique and the team will work with you to ensure we have all the information right your financial facts and figures. During this time the team will also be working with your existing superannuation, investment and insurance providers to ensure we have all the details we need to give you the right advice.

Step 5 – The Roadmap is Delivered

This presentation of advice by Dominique typically takes around 90 minutes. We also record this session so you have it as a future reference. So what is included in the Roadmap?

  • Outlining the different scenarios and options that have been considered
  • Clear indication of the benefit of implementing each financial strategy
  • Strategies to fill in any financial gaps
  • Time take to also ensure you have the right information and financial education to understand the advice
  • Straightforward advice on what is the right course of action to follow

Step 6 – Q&A Session

This is about ensuring you have the opportunity to further explore your financial options further, have any questions answered about the advice provided and put in place a plan to implement and make real change!


Ongoing Support

Now that you have a trusted source of information and an adviser who understand you, receiving ongoing advice and support may be needed for you to stay on track, be kept accountable and succeed.

The typical ongoing support package fee from $395 per month for individuals and $495 per month for couples.

What is Included?

  • Access to strategic advice about life change issues
  • Access to Dominique and the team to support you with implementation
  • Meetings with Dominique twice a year to discuss current strategies and plans for the future
  • Complete redo of initial engagement document every 3 years

What is Not Included?

  • Investment portfolio advice is charged separately and is based upon the complexities of your needs and portfolio makeup.


The Passenger Seat

Building, implementation and review of ongoing strategic plan

Dominique takes on a limited number of clients each year at this service level. This is to ensure she has the time to understand your needs, goals and has dedicated time to build your comprehensive financial framework that will match your lifestyle needs.

This plan is built based on you becoming a long-term ongoing client. Over the years Dominique will guide you, advise, and ensure your financial objectives are tracked and new strategies implemented.

The typical initial engagement fee is set is $9,900 with an ongoing fee of $1,100 per month. Please note that after your first meeting, a formal proposal document will be prepared to outline the fees based on the complexity of your situation. This package is ideal for:

  • Doctors
  • Solicitors
  • Senior executives with complex salary packages including share plans
  • Self-employed business owners who need a comprehensive plan that allows alignment to the business planning

This package is about handing over your finances, so you can concentrate on what you do best. While having the peace of mind knowing every aspect of your personal finances is being managed.

A successful financial framework has seven key components:

  • Cashflow – knowing your future cashflow gives you comfort in knowing you can afford your children’s education, have enough to last in retirement, or perhaps that holiday you dream of.
  • Knowledge – your adviser will spend time with you educating you about your financial options and key areas of money you need to understand.
  • Wealth – how is your superannuation invested and what other assets are you building outside of superannuation to build secure financial future.
  • Leverage – debt is part of the tool kit to future financial success, however it needs to be managed on monitored so you know what steps to take and get the answers to key questions like is now the time to buy an investment property?
  • Enjoy – money has to balance with the rest of your LIFE, what will make you feel fulfilled, happy and extraordinary. Is it a bigger home? A good education for your children? Visiting family overseas? A new car?
  • Protect – we never want to plan for death, disability or illness but without protection against these risks your financial framework and plan will be vulnerable, your adviser will work with you to create the right balance between your needs and afordability.
  • Share – when all is said and done, how do you want to pass assets to the next generation? do you want to set up a charity? your adviser will work with you to create a strategy to ensure your wishes are met.

Get Smarter With Money