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In the third session, The No More Practice Investment Series focuses on investment philosophy. The why behind investment decisions. Watch the show to uncover what drives investment managers. Over two episodes in the series you will be able to join my client Jo Fisher and myself, as together we unravel the secrets behind the investment philosophy of three investment managers. Over the coming weeks, both Jo and myself will be sharing more about the process and the behind the scenes stories. To find out more about Jo Fisher and her leadership consulting business click here. The series starts on Saturday 7th May, Channel Nine 12pm with an encore viewing on GEM on Sunday’s midday and midnight. http___signatures.mylivesignature.com_54492_274_D2975509EAD46827DDAB3BC16EAD35D0

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Behind the Scenes for Episode 1

Behind the Scenes for Episode 1

About Jo Fisher

I am passionate about working with professionals to enable them to navigate their way through the complexities of corporate or business life.   I love helping them discover their vision, passion and design their legacy.  I use coaching with clients in many different areas.  Some are to discover or changea career path or planning the return from extended leave, taking charge of their career and mapping their future career steps and networking.  Coaching is also great in times of unbalance; in work/ life, high stress due to team leadership, conflicts, deadlines or difficult leaders. I use different coaching techniques and methodologies to work with the style and preference of my client.  At times coaching can be difficult, pushing you in your thought and commitment but in all cases I’ve seen it have amazing rewards.   I’ve been in coaching for 10+ years, a member of the Global International Coach Federation and held executive positions in Human Resources in Australia, New Zealand, South Asia and held Asia Pacific strategic leadership roles.   I’ve coached all levels and cultures and thrive on helping clients through complex situations. I specialise in Leadership Development for Women.   You can find out more about me through my business site Jo Fisher Consulting.   www.jo-f.com