Q – Is it possible to arrange an out of hours visit or a meeting at my home/office?

A – We are a team of conscientious and life-style active individuals and due to our work/life balance philosophy we do not arrange visits outside of the office or outside of our business hours.


Q – What are your hours of business?

A – Normal office hours are 9.00am to 5.30pm.


Q – How long does the Financial Planning process take?

A – This will depend upon your individual circumstances as no two clients have the same needs, goals or expectations. There are also a lot of “moving parts” involved in the data collection and strategic planning process. Typically, from the initial exploratory meeting (1.5hours) it takes on average of 6 to 8 weeks to present and fully implement our advice.


Q – Why does it take so long to receive my Statement of Advice?

A – Once we have collected the personal and financial information that we need in order to know you well enough to give advice, we also need to collect lots of data in relation to your existing policies and accounts. This information can take a while to come back from the various companies. Once we have all of the information that we need about you was also may need to run a number of scenarios and options of advice before we are able to put together a comprehensive strategic plan.

Only after compiling all of this information are we in a position to draft a statement of advice. Once drafted the document is reviewed by our legal team to ensure that we are providing you with technically accurate information.


Q – What are the costs of engaging with you?

A – Upfront and ongoing costs will depend upon the initial and ongoing services that you require and any product that we arrange for you. We will not put you in the position of incurring costs until we have agreed the services to be provided and you have asked to proceed.


Q – Can you tell me what fees I will need to pay for products and services?

A – Initially you will pay an engagement fee to us for which you will receive a Statement of Advice document explaining the strategic advice and any product advice we have given.

Our ongoing fees may be made up of a Strategic Fee component and an Investment Fee component depending on the ongoing advice that you will require.

If we arrange for you a Financial Product (such as a superannuation account or investment account) you will pay ongoing administration fees to the provider. These are the type of fees that you will already be paying in your current superannuation account. In addition, if you invest in a fund with your super/investment account you will pay an ongoing fee to the Investment Fund Manager.

For arranging insurances and mortgages we usually receive a commission from the product provider or lender. This is not a fee paid directly by you but does form part of the overall income that we receive for providing you with advice.

Full details of all fees are explained in the documentation that we provide to you before our advice is implemented.


Q – How can I arrange an initial meeting?

A – For our mutual convenience, we can arrange an obligation free 15 minute phone meeting where we can answer your initial questions and, if appropriate, agree the basis on which to move forward to a full consultation.


Q – What should I bring to my consultation?

A – It is very helpful if you have a good idea of your income, outgoings and any super, investments, bank account and debt balances. In addition, any policy details for personal insurance cover.


Q – What if I don’t have all of that information?

A – So long as you know who you have policies and cover with we can collect the finer detail post meeting by contacting the providers on your behalf.


Q – What is a Dealer Group and why has Leapfrog LIFE moved from Securitor to The Dover Group?

A – A Dealer Group is a services company that supply high-level services to small to medium sized Financial Planning Companies. Amongst the services offered can be compliance functions, research, technical assistance, industry training and industry knowledge updates.

We have decided to switch to The Dover Group because there will be fewer restrictions in the channels through which we can provide advice to our clients in the future.


Q – Will the change of Dealer Group impact the advice or service that I receive?

A – No. Whilst you may see some differences in the presentation and look of documentation, for the Leapfrog LIFE team it remains business as usual and we will continue to deliver the same quality advice and offer excellent client service.