I am excited about money having worked in the financial services industry since 1999 and having given financial advice to hundreds of individuals and families. However I am also the first one to recognise that money is not always a day to day priority, nor is it the only piece of the puzzle to living LIFE. What is clear after being in a privileged position of walking by my clients side on their LIFE journey it is the importance of giving to ourselves and those around us and along the way creating a lifestyle that makes us feel EXTRAORDINARY.  We all have different goals, our definition of success is unique but what we all need is to be COMPLETE. To be one of the FEW. To live life without fear. The team at Leapfrog LIFE is made up of a an in house and handpicked experts all who are focused on living and breathing key core values so you can life fearless, extraordinary and wealthy LIFE.

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Meet the Team

Dominique Bergel-Grant

Financial Adviser & SME Business Transformation Strategist

LeapfrogFinancial-58 You do not succeed by hiding from the future and as a business owner I know the value of getting the work life balance right and aligning my business and personal goals together so I can achieve the future I want. It is this knowledge that I share with my clients. I am a strong believer that sitting still is choosing to fail and that being successful in innovation is about being comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is my responsibility to stop fear consuming my clients. Whether it is in making a personal financial or key strategic business decision. What I do is about helping clients leapfrog ahead by avoiding the some day delayed reaction that keeps so many peers heads buried in the sand. It is also the word ‘Stop’ that allows me to protect my clients, their family and their business. I see my client’s complete financial and business journey. Along the way I will be determined in keeping them to their financial goals, compassionate in balancing today’s needs vs tomorrow’s wants, and collaborative in all that I do. It is after all my client’s LIFE and not mine. I am proud to always challenge the accepted norms, ruffle a few feathers and lead by example, I hope you join me on the ride.

Angela Stewart


FullSizeRenderI actually don’t feel old enough to have spent over 25 years working in the Financial Services industry – But like many people I feel that I have now earned the right to live a balanced lifestyle and I’m in the fortunate position that I can achieve this by working three days a week as a paraplanner for Leapfrog Financial. This lifestyle strategy enables me to maintain a healthy level of mental stimulation and social interaction whilst giving me time to pursue some of the other passions in my life such as travel and writing – and occasionally both at the same time. Having lived in the UK for most of my life I can tell you that peoples financial objectives are the same on both sides of the equator and that the most important part of any financial strategy is to find a Financial Planner that you believe understands your goals and motivations and is realistic in the way in which they guide you towards achieving them across time. These days I choose to sit behind the scenes but believe that I still play a significant part in helping clients achieve their goals by supporting the advisers and always giving the best of myself.

Our Handpicked Panel Experts

We have sourced key industry experts that we trust to help us complete the Leapfrog LIFE team.

Jo Fisher

Leadership Coach & Coach Supervisor

jf-image4dI am passionate about working with professionals to enable them to navigate their way through the complexities of corporate or business life.   I love helping them discover their vision, passion and design their legacy.  I use coaching with clients in many different areas.  Some are to discover or change a career path or planning the return from extended leave, taking charge of their career and mapping their future career steps and networking.  Coaching is also great in times of unbalance; in work/ life, high stress due to team leadership, conflicts, deadlines or difficult leaders. I use different coaching techniques and methodologies to work with the style and preference of my client.  At times coaching can be difficult, pushing you in your thought and commitment but in all cases I’ve seen it have amazing rewards.   I’ve been in coaching for 10+ years, a member of the Global International Coach Federation and held executive positions in Human Resources in Australia, New Zealand, South Asia and held Asia Pacific strategic leadership roles.   I’ve coached all levels and cultures and thrive on helping clients through complex situations. I specialise in Leadership Development for Women.   You can find out more about me through my business site Jo Fisher Consulting.   www.jo-f.com

Corene Gavin

Psychology, Hypnosis and Nutrition Expert

Corene Corene is a holistic health coach with a passion for helping people to nourish and love themselves so that they can truly thrive. She takes a dynamic mind-body approach to health and nutrition to help clients address weight concerns, body image challenges, and a variety of nutrition-related health concerns. Corene uses coaching strategies and nutrition principles that are doable, sustainable, and that yield real and sustainable results. She works with clients across the world in a positive, empowering way. Corene sees our eating and health concerns as not as a sign that something is “wrong” with us, but as a place where we can learn, grow and transform. After over 16 years working in a high-pressured corporate environments across Europe, Australia and Asia, Corene changed careers to focus on helping people fulfill their potential. She holds degrees in law and Japanese, is trained by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and the London College of Clinical Hypnosis, and is currently completing a PhD in Psychology with a focus on consciousness and integrative health. Find out more about Corene at www.lovenourishthrive.com

Sarah Mellish

Buyer’s Agent

As a buyer’s agent, I apply a number of key skills to help you secure a superior property. I am a skilled negotiator, gained from 15 + years experience in the professional services and IT space where I dealt with C level executives negotiating multimillion dollar contracts. Coupled with a keen interior design eye and the ability to visualize and unlock potential in properties that others may overlook, I am uniquely positioned to add value as a buyer’s agent. In addition, as a licensed real estate agent I am very qualified to make an accurate assessment of the value of properties on the lower North Shore. Having lived in the area for 25 years I am well connected and can assist you navigate the challenges in today’s competitive market. I am collaborative, resourceful, and resilient and determined to get the job done well, while always being respectful of your time. I am a good person to have in your corner if you are looking to make a cost effective property acquisition, either as an investment or family home. To contact Sarah Click Here.